About Me and what I can do for You

I always wanted to be the good witch not the princess. The fairy godmother. The wise old hag. My earliest memory was making a potion for the weather to change and it did. I collected ribbon, buttons and fancy paper for my good witch store behind the sofa. For years I was magic.

In my teens and 20s I tried to change the world and help people through a different type of magic; journalism, photography and art. I succeeded somewhat. 

Later I realised my soul purpose in life was to expand happiness. And what do people say one of the happiest day of their life is? Their wedding day! So I became a wedding planner to help the happiest day of a couple's life be as great as they expect it to be. I have been a wedding planner since 2000, and because of this I have watched many photographers in action! I have cringed at the bad ones and studied the good ones.

Over the years I have heard couples say they are not going to get a photographer as they have a friend who is really good at photography or an uncle who has a great camera and they will do the photography. Most of these have come back to me and said their biggest regret was not hiring a professional wedding photographer.  Wedding photography is hard!! It is a skill of it's own and completely exhausting and draining if you don't know or enjoy what you are doing! I've heard some photographers say they don’t like wedding photography, it’s just their way to make a living and a way to support the photography they ‘really like’ doing.

Watching these people with the memory capturing device (i.e. camera!)  skip over the moments that capture the essence of the couples story, miss the details the couple had put so much thought into frustrated me hugely!

For me, as a wedding planner, my weddings are the result of maybe two years work. I know the couple, I know their pet names for each other, their dreams, their pasts, their hopes for their future and vision for their wedding day. I wanted to stop those memories from being lost. So I invested in some of the best photography workshops and mentors who I could find. I worked as a second shooter for a photographer for years while still running my wedding planning business. And then I progressed to being what I am now …  I am still a wedding planner but also a Professional dream catcher. I capture that essence of your moments, put it in my camera, shake it up a little and produce the perfect memory that will be yours for eternity. Not by magic, not with a spray and pray approach to photography but with thought, effort, vision and storytelling though film and digital photography. (By the way my potions still work, it never rains on a Rosie wedding! )